Beauty Refrigerator

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Keep Your Skincare Products Cool and Refreshing While Increasing Potency!

- #1 Rated and the Original Skincare Refrigerator! -

Do you want your skincare products to be as powerful as possible? Do you want to have to use less for better results? Or maybe you just want to feel refreshed and look forward to doing your routine?

Now, you can look forward to keeping your skin clean. Feel refreshed in the morning or at night, make your products last longer and work better, and get perfect skin faster than ever!

Most skincare products in this day and age are made from organic ingredients that require cold conditions to stay potent.

Keeping your products at room temperature decreases your potential results AND costs you money!

Your skin will never feel better! Not only will you look great, but you'll feel great, too!

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Why spend more money on skincare products and not see results?


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Do I really need a fridge for my skincare? Is this just a gimmick?

No, it isn't just a gimmick, and don't take it from us! There's tons of articles explaining why skincare refrigerators are a great addition to your routine!
Here's one with no bias, coming from registered dermatologists! 

How loud is the fridge?

The fridge is quiet enough to sleep next to! It uses a special cooling system that requires little energy and creates little sound.

How cold can it get?

The fridge comes with two settings: Hot or Cold. The fridge can get below 30 degrees fahreinheit (roughly 0-5 degrees celsius), and up to 130 degrees fahreinheit (roughly 60 degrees celsius)!
It does this all with a low powered cooling unit, ensuring low costs of running!

Can I take it with me places?

The fridge is built specifically to allow traveling! It even includes a CAR CABLE to allow you to run it on the go! It's extremely lightweight, too.

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The SkinFridge works with

      • Moisturizers
      • Essences
      • Oils
      • Face Masks
      • Cleansers
      • Facial Rollers
      • Makeup Products
      • Much More

And it comes with

      • Outlet Cable
      • Car Cable
      • Refrigerator
      • Adjustable Shelf Rack

The Dimensions are

      • 7.2 inches by 9.6 inches by 10.8 inches
      • Fits roughly 4 liters