In this day and age, almost every skincare product out there contains organic ingredients that require a cool environment for full effect! Proven by thousands, keeping your skincare products cool will not only make them last longer, but they will work better, too! Plus, who doesn't love a cool, refreshing face wash?


  • Design

    A stunning gloss finish means the Beauty Fridge looks perfect in any home.
    Our door handle conveniently locks in place to securely store your items, with a handle on top so you can carry it anywhere you wish!

  • Technology

    The Beauty Fridge uses thermoelectric power, circulating your choice of cold/hot air through a small electric fan.
    This delivers a quiet 42Db sound & environmentally friendly cooling, whilst using much less energy compared to your traditional refrigerator.

  • Temperature

    The Beauty Fridge can cool down to 40ºF-45ºF or heat up to 60ºF with the ease of a switch.

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Why should I cool my Skincare products?

Most skincare products in this day and age are made from organic ingredients that require cold conditions to stay potent.
Keeping your products at room temperature decreases your potential results and costs you a lot of money!

What makes this different from a mini fridge?

We wanted to create a simple solution for those who actively wanted to use cold products as part of their daily routine. No more running downstairs to get your serums or storing your products next your guacamole.

How cold does the Beauty Fridge get?

BeautyFridge can reach temperatures as cold as 40-45°F (4 - 7°C) below ambient temperature & can heat up to 60°F.